PKBGT/NB3 Girls' Golf National Championship

Series Guidelines

2022 Qualifying Format

Players will have to qualify through two stages to make it to the Championship. (18-Hole Local Tournament Stage -> 36-Hole Regional Tournament Stage -> 54-Hole Championship)



Age Divisions / Tournament Yardages

All boys & girls ages 10-18 are eligible to register for the NB3 Jr Golf National Championship Series. If a player is 19 or attending College, they will not be able to participate. 


The following are the 2022 age divisions and the approximate yardages that correspond with each age group. *These yardages are approximations, meaning they are subject to change once our team arrives on-site. 


Boys 14-15 & Boys 16-18: 6,600 - 6,900 (Par 72) 

Boys 12-13: 5,700 - 6,000 (Par 72) *Caddies OPTIONAL at all events 

Boys 10-11: 5,000 - 5,300 (Par 72) *Caddies MANDATORY at all events 


Girls 14-15 & Girls 16-18: 5,700 - 6,000 (Par 72) 

Girls 12-13: 5,000 - 5,300 (Par 72) *Caddies OPTIONAL at all events 

Girls 10-11: 4,500 - 4,800 (Par 72) *Caddies MANDATORY at all events


A player’s age division is determined by their age on May 1st. For Example, if a player turns 14 in July of 2022, they will compete in the 12/13 Division throughout the entirety of the Series even though they may be 14 during a Local or Regional Qualifier.  


*If you have a question regarding what age division you should be competing in, please email When you register, our system will automatically put you in the correct age division based on your Date of Birth on May 1st, 2022.


If a player turns 19 before the National Championship on which will take place November 3rd - 5th for the Girls and November 7th - 9th for the Boys OR is attending college or playing on a college golf team, they will NOT be allowed to compete.  


If your son or daughter is younger than 10 years old yet and would like to play in an event, parents are required to email for approval. Playing at the required yardage listed on the Tournament Information Page, maintaining pace of play, and playing without a stroke limit is a good guideline to go by before making a decision.


Registration Requirements

All 18-Hole Local Tournaments are open registration (meaning you do not need any pre-requirements to register) and every player will be sure to have a unique and unforgettable experience at all stages of the Championship.


Players qualifying at the 18-hole Local level can attempt to make it to the 36-hole Regional as many times as they like. Players can sign-up for as many 18-hole tournaments as they like and once they qualify, we will reimburse them in full for any other tournaments they have signed up for in advance.


At the 18-hole local qualifying stage, the goal for all players that advance to the Regional Tournament is to post a score that is 90 or lower when you compete within your division. We strive to build strong fields in our regional events around the Country and we want to do our best to make it an enjoyable experience for all those players that make it. The NB3 Committee reserves the right to award a player that shoots over the score of 90 the opportunity to participate in one of our regionals. 


Our exemption policy is available and players can check their status by clicking the Exemptions tab on the top of the web page. Players that fall into this category will be able to register directly into a 36-hole (Two-day) regional tournament. The Committee has the final decision on an exempt player and their status in the Series. Sponsor and Academy exemptions may also be awarded. 



Other Qualifying Opportunities

In certain parts of the country, players will have the opportunity to qualify through NB3/PKBGT Partner Events. These opportunities will be listed on our website and can also be found by checking with Local PGA Sections, State Golf Associations and select Independent Jr Tours. Whether you play in a NB3 tournament or a partner event, the player’s 18-hole score will most likely determine eligibility into one our regional tournaments. At each one of these local tournaments there will a set number of players that will qualify to make to the regional level. The maximum number of players will vary slightly depending on the regional tournament. We will take anywhere between 60 to 150 players at our Regionals. From our regional tournaments across the county, we will qualify and invite approximately 140 boys and up to 140 girls to each one of the separate 54-hole championships that will take place in November.


By referring to our Local Qualifier tournament info pages, you will be able to determine how may qualifying spots by division are awarded at each stage of competition.


If players advance out of Local Qualifying, they will receive an email informing them of the Regional Qualifier they have been invited to and a link to register. Any transfer requests must be submitted via email to Transfers are possible and will be granted based on availability. 



Each of the Boys & Girls National Championship fields will accept a total of 140 participants. The JGNC Committee reserves the right to adjust this total.