PKBGT/NB3 Girls' Golf National Championship

2020 Recap



  • We gave over 5000 juniors the opportunity to compete on our national platform.
  • We ran over 100 local qualifiers and that resulted in players advancing to our 2 Day Regionals thought out the country.
  • We introduced an exemption program so that those players that fell into this category could register directly into one of our regional tournaments.
  • We worked with PGA Sections , State organizations and some independent regionals tours so that they qualify their players into our series.
  • We developed new sponsors that supported our series resulting in better registration gifts for all our players at the regional and national level
  • We raised money through the NB3 Foundation and our Drive fore Juniors non-for-profit entities to assist in keeping tournament registration fees low.
  • We introduced the NB3 Tour in Notah’s home state of New Mexico which provided more opportunities for those juniors to compete in 2 day tournaments
  • We produced a PGA Tour Quality TV show on the Golf channel and will continue to showcase more players each year that played on our championship.
  • We met our goal to expand the series in 2022 in order to give more players the chance to be our guest at our National Championship.
  • We ran what we were told was the best Championship on the junior golf circuit. This past November we hosted 152 of the best juniors in the country and provided them an experience of a lifetime over 4 full days .